I currently sell on 3 major online marketplaces.



In my Discogs stock you will find a selection of over 45,000 LPs, 12” singles, and 45 RPM records in stock and ready to ship. Genres include: rock, soul, funk, disco, rap, hip hop, dance, electronica, oldies, doo wop, garage, psych, rockabilly, folk, country, classical and many more.

There also thousands of $2 bargain records to choose from with plenty of top 40 hits to be found. A large part of my stock also represents the lesser known, odd and obscure artists and bands. I also have some rare and hard to find titles for sale.



On MusicStack, you will find the same selection as what I have listed on Discogs. So if you prefer to use Musicstck, you can place orders there as well.



My eBay page often offers bulk and wholesale lots of records. I put together lots of similar genre records to sell all for one price. Test pressings, acetates, promos and rare records are auctioned off periodically as well.